One inch per week – here’s the secret of growing your hair faster then ever

Have you ever wondered about a long, shiny, beautiful and healthy headdress in only a few weeks? Well, growing your hair isn’t so easy as coloring and different extreme conditions (sport, weather, regular swimming) can cause serious damages to it. Here comes the popular type of healing: vitamins, minerals, diet and natural hair masks – okay, but what can we do in that case when nothing is really working? Don’t worry, we’re here to let you into the deepest secrets of growing your hair faster then ever before – listen and learn!

First of all, we have to discuss the average speed of your growth: your hair is able to grow 0.5 inch (1.35-30 cm) per month, so this means that you have the opportunity to grow 6 inches in one year – sounds not bad. Naturally, this number wholly depends on your unique biological properties, the conditions that your hair meets daily and the regularity of visiting your hairdresser and his scissors. Moreover, half inch a month seems quite good a first sight, but we -unfortunately- have to count with split ends – yeah, here’s the real reason why your hair is not growing perfectly!

How to grow your hair fast – the secret weapons

Firstly, you’re highly recommended to eat a lot of foods that contain a rich amount of Biotin! Biotin (aka vitamin H) is best known for its ability to fight skin problems and help hair growth, so grab 2-3 types of food from this list daily: eggs, cheese, milk, almonds, peanuts, pekans, pork, liver, avocado, salmon, cauliflower, broccoli. Healthy diet ON!

Secondly, you need to acquire the habit of massaging and oil-treatment: once or twice per week (the more the best) use some coconut or extra virgin olive oil and treat your head with a long, 5 to 10-minute massage before washing it with your shampoo! You’ll feel extremely relaxed, moreover, this action helps to stimulate your hair and it will truly start to grow fastly – don’t hesitate to use natural oils as the regular usage are able to treat split ends as well!

Thirdly, the temperature that surrounds your hair turned out to be an important factor of the speed of growing: shampooing with hot water and using hot irons or hair dryer can cause serious damages even on the top, so they are not only responsible for split ends but for initial destruction as well! Wash your hair with luke warm water and let it dry naturally – the best method of a healthy look and fast growth!

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